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You can manage the entire campaign thanks to Coobis’ intuitive interface: Publishers filtering, briefing, reviewing process, approval, etc.

Access to web and PDFs reports displaying the key campaign metrics in real time: Visits, users and, of course… Engagement!

More than 10,000 publishers available to create top quality content and post it on blogs, websites, digital media and social networks.

Get more visibility for your brand by adding quality content to websites and social networks

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Different publishers (blogs, websites, social networks, etc.) have signed up to Coobis and they are all indexed on our search engine so that Advertisers can select those they feel are the best fit for each campaign.

Real-time and updated metrics
The publisher metrics on Coobis are automatically extracted from the main source: Google Analytics, APIs and RRSS, etc.
All the filters you need to fine-tune your selection
Coobis allows you to filter the publishers by number of readers, SEO authority, social network followers, country and topic, etc.
Coobis Ranking
In addition to the external metrics, Coobis has its own scoring system to help you choose the best publishers.
Fair prices
Coobis’ prices are set based on the metrics of each publisher to ensure they are fair and competitive.
Select Publishers
Briefs: Specify your requirements
Brief form per type of publisher
Coobis provides specific forms to facilitate the task of briefing depending on the type of campaign.

Coobis allows advertisers to specify a detailed list of requirements using briefs for each Content Marketing campaign.

Briefing with Rich Text Format
To make writing briefs and reading them easier for the publisher, Coobis allows you to write in rich text format.
Custom metatags
Advertisers can specify metatags for the content to maximize its visibility on search engines and social networks.

When at Cooper Tires we decided to apply digital marketing processes, we opted for a Content Marketing strategy that would enhance and consolidate our brand image. To this day, the results using Coobis confirm that it was the very best decision we could possibly have made.

I normally use various platforms to publish high-quality content articles for my clients, however, Coobis is undoubtedly the number one platform as it helps me to expand my database and manage my clients’ online visibility campaigns in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

Cristina Arango
Daniel Bocardo

Marketing Manager at Cooper Tires

SEO Consultant

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